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  • Plasma speaker

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electronic Engineering Dept.
    Authors: Mpelechaki, Xrisanthi; barbarezos, Dimitris
    Thesis advisor: Tatarakis, Mihalis
    Publication Date: 2021-09-08
    This thesis presents the basic principles and the development of a plasma speaker as well as the differences in the operation and frequency range in comparison with conventional speakers. A plasma speaker is an ionophone, ...
  • Study of X-Pinch plasma dynamics using a 40kA pulsed power plasma device.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electronic Engineering Dept.
    Authors: Ligopsihakis, Nikolaos
    Thesis advisor: Tatarakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2023-07-11
    The X-pinch device may produce extreme plasma conditions able to offer the opportunity and the demanded conditions for studies on high-energy-density plasma and X-ray source for imaging. The experimental study of the X-pinch ...
  • Electric behavior simulation of plasma focus unit.

    T.E.I. of Crete, School of Applied Sciences, Department of Electronic Engineering
    Authors: Sarris, Dometios
    Thesis advisor: Tatarakis, Michalis
    Publication Date: 16-12-2014
    The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to present a simulation of the electrical behavior of the plasma focus lab unit "Center plasma physics and laser(CPPL).Reference is made in plasma theory, in working principle of ...