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  • IFRS and accounting quality.

    H.M.U., School of Management and Economic Sciences (SMES) MSc in Accounting and Auditing
    Authors: Konstantinidis, Georgios
    Thesis advisor: Karampinis, Nikolaos
    Publication Date: 2020-09-18
    This postgraduate thesis investigates the accounting quality of the International Financial Reporting Standards (I.F.R.S.). Initially, a number of reports on various aspects of IFRS implementation is discussed. Literature ...
  • Statistical Analysis of Data Production Prodcom: Greece 2002-­‐2012.

    T.E.I. of Crete, School of Management and Economics (SDO), Department of Accounting and Finance
    Authors: Merkouri, Eniana; Konstantinidis, Georgios; Zakaki, Stavroula
    Thesis advisor: Dimotikalis, Ioannis
    Publication Date: 01-07-2015
    The theme of this thesis is about the Statistical Analysis of Data Production PRODCOM: Greece 2002-­‐2012. The PRODCOM of the production of each country are required to be observed by the European Union and must follow a ...