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  • The transition from primary to secondary education during the pandemic: analyzing the Impact of tele-education and information and communication technologies.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Management and Economic Sciences (SMES), Management Science and Technology Dept.
    Authors: Koutantos, Georgios; Bouranta, Melpomeni
    Thesis advisor: Skouloudakis, Emmanouil
    Publication Date: 2023-07-03
    On the threshold of 2020, the global community was about to face another challenge similar to the one it had encountered again in other centuries. The COVID pandemic, which has shaken the normality of all countries on the ...
  • The role of internship in luxury hotel units.

    T.E.I. of Crete, School of Management and Economics (SDO), Department of Business Administration (in Agios Nikolaos)
    Authors: Bouranta, Melpomeni
    Thesis advisor: Trichas, Nikolaos
    Publication Date: 2017-11-28
    It is commonly accepted that the internship is an opportunity for students to work for a brief period of time, in a real working environment. They have the ability to convert their tutorial knowledge into practice and apply ...