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  • Disability: Social Participation of the physically disabled people. Myth or reality?

    T.E.I. of Crete, School of Health and Welfare Services (SEYP), Department of Social Work
    Authors: Koutsoupi, Anthoula; Moschonisoti, Chrysoula
    Thesis advisor: Chatzifotiou, Sevasti
    Publication Date: 28-02-2008
    The sparked off the elaboration and investigation of the subject is found in the plethora of literature concerning disability (mainly from medical perspective,http://www.disabled. ...
  • The views of experts on trafficking in women.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Health Sciences (SHS), Social Work Dept.
    Authors: Vourtsa, Aikaterini; Koutsikou, Athanasia
    Thesis advisor: Pelekidou, Lina
    Publication Date: 2021-09-02
    Introduction: Women trafficking is a phenomenon which exists all over the world and is based on the exploitation of a human being towards another human being, aiming to financial benefit, includes all violence forms and ...