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  • Acoustic study of lyre with «sympathetic» strings.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Music and Optoacoustic Technologies (SMOT), Music Technology and Acoustics Dept.
    Authors: Anargyrou, Georgia
    Thesis advisor: Tatarakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2020-11-20
    The present dissertation entitled "Acoustic study of lyre with sympathetic strings" aims to highlight the effect of sympathetic strings on the acoustic behavior of the lyre. The lyre with sympathetic strings is a combination ...
  • Experimental andnumerical study of laser induced particle acceleration from solid targets.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electronic Engineering Dept.
    Authors: Tazes, Ioannis
    Thesis advisor: Tatarakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2023-01-25
    The present thesis is focused on the investigation of the experiments performed in Instituteof Plasma Physics & Lasers – IPPL by the interaction of “Zeus” a 45TW ultrafast laser with thin solid targets. Proton and electron ...