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  • Evaluation of the quality of life of rheumatologic patients.

    H.M.U., School of Health Sciences (SHS) MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in Health Sciences
    Authors: Stamataki, Maria
    Thesis advisor: Vlasiadis, Konstantinos
    Publication Date: 2021-11-04
    Introduction: There are some factors that are crucial for the quality of life in a patient with rheumatic diseases such as the absence of pain, good sleep quality, maintenance of sexual activity, lack of morning ...
  • Research of the quality of life of patients with rheumatic diseases in the area of the South Aegean.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Health Sciences (SHS), Nursing Dept.
    Authors: Pandermaraki, Evangelia; Flouri, Maria
    Thesis advisor: Rikos, Nikolaos
    Publication Date: 2020-04-30
    Summary: Rheumatic diseases are the non-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system, more specifically, ones of the joints, the tendons, the ligaments, serum pockets, muscles, bones and spinal cord. There are over ...