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  • Factors affecting the outcome of weaning by mechanical ventilation in patients with tracheostomy in the Intensive Care Unit.

    H.M.U., School of Health Sciences (SHS) MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in Health Sciences
    Authors: Ximeraki, Eftychia
    Thesis advisor: Zografakis-Sfakianakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2022-06-27
    Introduction: Although most patients are easily released from mechanical ventilation, however almost 10% need prolonged mechanical ventilation and undergo a tracheostomy. Aim: Aim of this study was to investigate the ...
  • Psychological impacts of tracheostomies on patiens.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Health Sciences (SHS), Nursing Dept.
    Authors: Kanakaraki, Kalliopi; Borsi, Efthymia-Maria; Tsichla, Loukia
    Thesis advisor: Zografakis-Sfakianakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2020-12-23
    Introduction: Tracheostomy is a surgery where an opening is made in the trachea to intubate the patient bypassing the mouth, the nose and the throat, so as the breathing to be facilitated. In the case of permanent tracheostomy, ...