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  • Design and development of a treasure hunt environment.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept
    Authors: Bartokaymenos, Spyridon; Fragkiadakis, Zacharias
    Thesis advisor: Vidakis, Nikolaos
    Publication Date: 2023-03-14
    Back in the age of piracy, treasure hunting was the practice of searching for sunken shipwrecks in hopes of salvaging gold and artifacts with market value. Nowadays, this activity has evolved past its once dangerous roots ...
  • Edge computing technologies for internet of maritime things (IoMaT) systems, in vessel performance monitoring.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electronic Engineering Dept.
    Authors: Ritas, Athanasios
    Thesis advisor: Kouridakis, Stylianos
    Publication Date: 2023-02-10
    This master’s thesis was written to study the requirements and standards of Industry 4.0 in relation to the Science of Electronic Engineering, in the so-called "Shipping Industry". It is known, the application of that ...