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  • Exploiting compressed sensing in distributed machine learning.

    H.M.U., School of Engineering (ScENG) MSc in Informatics & Multimedia
    Authors: Stamatakis, Emmanouil
    Thesis advisor: Panagiotakis, Spyridon
    Publication Date: 2023-07-11
    A range of contemporary applications, such as remote monitoring of crucial measurements, mechanical fault recognition, remote detection of structural strain in constructions, and many others, have become possible today ...
  • New forms of employment: teleworking - Views of employees.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Stamatakis, Emmanouil
    Thesis advisor: Papastefanaki, Sofia
    Publication Date: 2023-06-13
    The purpose of this dissertation was to investigate the attitudes and beliefs of employees of Greek companies about teleworking, which was universally applied during the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose was also to ...