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  • Procurement procedures in the public sector: evolution over the years and current status.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Rinakakis, Emmanouil
    Thesis advisor: Koudoumas, Emmanouil
    Publication Date: 2020-04-26
    The present diploma thesis is aiming to present the law 4412/2016 of the Greek State, which concerns constructions, services and supplies in the public sector. In particular, it deals with the public procurement for ...
  • Online technologies in distance education: the case of Hellenic Mediterranean University.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Antonakis, Nikolaos
    Thesis advisor: Vasilakis, Konstantinos; Koudoumas, Emmanouil
    Publication Date: 2021-01-13
    In this paper there is an in-depth review about the structural ways of usage of modern applied online software in education. There is a brief description about the advantages, disadvantages the opportunities and capabilities ...