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  • Greek SMEs access to bank lending. Financing tools during crisis.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Sakka, Stella
    Thesis advisor: Lemonakis, Christos
    Publication Date: 2020-04-23
    The purpose of this diploma thesis is to record the main financing tools for SMEs in Greece in the current period, which are dominated by many challenges and high uncertainty, about the future, due to the recent crisis. ...
  • Electric vehicle financing and insurance products.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Engineering (ScENG), Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept
    Authors: Markos, Dimitrios
    Thesis advisor: Tsikalakis, Antonios
    Publication Date: 2024-01-31
    There are categories of vehicles such as hybrids and pure electric vehicles where registrations are proceeding at a rapid pace. According to the National Statistical Office, there are about 8 500 registrations, a figure ...