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  • Diagnosis of interest, educational objects of candidates for initial vocational training for specialties, Public Vocational Training Institutes.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Papadouraki, Styliani
    Thesis advisor: Katharakis, Michail
    Publication Date: 2022-09-07
    Purpose of research. The field of adult education is one of the fundamental branches of the education sector. Today, more than ever, in the context of the complex globalized reality, adults need to acquire the knowledge, ...
  • Human resource training.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Orfanoudaki, Eirini
    Thesis advisor: Papastefanaki, Sofia
    Publication Date: 2022-09-29
    This paper examines in detail the issue of employees training by companies in the context of Human Resource Management and developments in all areas of the environment, with the view that training has been found to be ...
  • The assessment of the educational needs of health professionals at the General Hospital of Chania "O Agios Georgios".

    H.M.U., School of Health Sciences (SHS) MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in Health Sciences
    Authors: Tsikalaki, Georgia
    Thesis advisor: Patelarou, Athina
    Publication Date: 2021-10-15
    Introduction: The continuous economic and social developments, in the public health system of Greece, make necessary to create a cost of effective and relatively appropriate model of lifelong learning, which is an argument ...
  • The competence of the school nurse and his continuing education.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Health Sciences (SHS), Nursing Dept.
    Authors: Papadaki, Rafaela; Chaireti, Zacharenia
    Thesis advisor: Kleisiaris, Christos
    Publication Date: 2023-04-11
    School nursing is a specialized expression of the nursing branch and is undeniably a function as it promotes the health, academic success of students as well as their development over time. The purpose of the work is ...
  • Motivation and barriers concerning the participation of working women to lifelong education.

    Η.Μ.U, School of Management and Economic Sciences (SMES), Business Administration and Tourism Dept.
    Authors: Gkini, Renata; Marakomichelaki, Alexandra
    Thesis advisor: Papastefanaki, Sofia
    Publication Date: 2021-06-23
    This paper aims to theoretically present the motivations and barriers of working women in lifelong learning. First, the content of lifelong learning is analyzed and the relevant terms are clarified. Then, the course of ...
  • The lifelong learning needs of hospitality sector in Heraklion, Crete.

    H.M.U., School of Management and Economic Sciences (SMES), MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Authors: Stavroulaki, Aikaterini
    Thesis advisor: Kourgiantakis, Markos
    Publication Date: 2021-01-12
    The present postgraduate thesis on "The Lifelong Learning Needs of Hospitality Sector in Heraklion, Crete" aims to investigate the educational needs of hotel staff in Heraklion, Crete, but also the level of participation ...
  • The education and vocational training needs of engineers of Crete in times of crisis and uncertainty.

    H.M.U., MSc in MBA for Engineers
    Authors: Dafermou, Anna
    Thesis advisor: Markaki, Maria
    Publication Date: 2023-07-28
    Engineers are an important factor in the development course of the country and to a large extent they are called upon to manage and deal with problems that affect the entire population in various dimensions (social, ...